New construction and housing remodeling

We have extensive experience partnering with the international community by advising on the full cycle process of design and construction. We recommend the best building materials based on the conditions of the construction site and the client’s budget. Although, we work commonly with concrete, metals, wood, and gypsum, we stay competitive by staying up to date on alternative materials in the market.  

Building inspections

We collaborate with real estate companies by offering property inspection services. We ensure that the client feels confident and secure that the purchase price is aligned with the construction quality of the property. Our detailed inspection reports also include budgets for future repairs and remodeling.

Architectural and 3D Design

We work with the most current software and rendering programs to create a product with the highest quality standards. We create the final blueprints and budget based on property site visits and an extensive design phase.

Furniture construction

We make custom furniture using a variety of woods, finishes, and styles according to our client’s preferences. We have an existing inventory of furniture on display in our offices, but are able to fulfill orders to locally produce handmade furnishings.

Repair and home maintenance

We support property managers by identifying and resolving issues in addition to creating mitigation plans. Our services include but are not limited to landscaping, maintenance of swimming pools, water pumps, electrical systems, and septic tank cleaning. We also provide roof repair or total replacement and furniture repair.