New construction and housing remodeling

We have extensive experience working for the international community, we advise the construction processes and we recommend materials according to the client’s budget and the nature of the construction site, we work with concrete,  metal, wood, gypsun and others, we frequently get updated ourselves with alternative materials available in the market.

Building inspections

We collaborate with real estate companies, offering them the property inspection service, giving the client confidence and security that the sale price corresponds to the constructive quality of the property, we include in the inspection reports budgets for future repairs and remodeling

Architectural and 3D Design

We work with updated softaware and rendering programs to create a product with the highest quality standards, we previously visit the properties for the information gathering and once the design is finished we proceed to create the blueprints and budget

Furniture construction

We make furnitures using solid and dry wood, and apply the finishes and styles according to the client’s requirements. We have a stock of furniture already made on display but we also receive orders for the production of furniture according to the preferences of the clients

Repair and home maintenance

We support property managers in the identification of problems, mitigation plans, maintenance of green areas, swimming pools, water pumps, electrical systems, septic tank cleaning, furniture repair, roof repair or total replacement.