We do different Plumbing works

Traffic jams in the home’s hydraulic installation arise due to bad domestic practices and the lack of proper maintenance. Even taking preventive measures there may be failures such as something that loses water, problems in the sink, sink or showers, stains on the ceiling, keys or pipes in general.

With our maintenance service focused on plumbing issues you will no longer suffer if part of the installation of the cold or hot water is clogged, as we fix it or replace it. We can also support you with the change, placement and repair of pipes.

We have the possibility to do the work urgently without damaging the water or gas service, since we like to deliver results the same day, so our clients are not affected.

We have multiple plumbing solutions

Pipe uncovering

We install pumps

IInstallation of sinks, keys, washing machines and bathroom furniture

General plumbing.

Readings of plumbing plans for PH and homes under construction.

We detect and repair leaks.


Services that are made available to its users is the Bath Service, where the user can resolve issues of repair, installation, or replacement of parts, etc., of your sink, toilet and shower with the confidence that at all times will be performed by a team of specialists and with the guarantee of use of the best products and thus offer the best experience and treatment that each of its users deserve in San Juan del Sur.


Constructora Vargas every day offers highly professional services in the area of plumbing, and for the comfort and tranquility of its users puts at your disposal with the specialized service to the pipes, to solve issues of hydraulic pipes and sanitary pipes, where you can give maintenance, or even repair or replacement of one of them, guaranteeing that at all times it will be carried out by a team of specialists that is highly qualified to offer a quality service and with the guarantee of use of the best products and thus offer the Best experience and treatment that each of our clients deserves.

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