About us

CONSTRUCTORA VARGAS was created in 2017, after analyzing Nicaragua’s supply and demand of construction services in the housing industry. With an increasing need for clients to feel a sense of confidence and stability, we decided to establish our main office in San Juan del Sur. This beautiful Nicaraguan municipality allows us to work with a community committed to growth, so we can deliver a high level of service.


Specialists in Home Construction, 3D Designs, Blueprints, Budgets, Building Inspections, Furnitures Construction, Supervision and Additions.

Management Team

Ricardo Vargas

Ricardo Vargas

Civil engineer and consultant, Post graduate and master degree in design and evaluation of construction projects, specialist in vertical construction. This includes supervising, budgeting, design, inspection, and housing consultation. With more than ten years of experience with NGOs, Private Sector, Government Institutions, and Cooperation Agencies, a lot of labor experience with the german cooperation GIZ and UNICEF, cultural and labor exchange in Berlin, Frankfurt and Leverkusen, now main founder and General Manager at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua.

Natalie Sullivan

Natalie Sullivan

Originally from United Stated, Business Administration degree and current general manager at Discover San Juan del Sur Real Estate and owner of the franchise in San Juan del Sur, also member of the board and partner at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua, more than 25 years of experience in sales, construction decorative materials, property management, housing/business rentals and investments advisor, eleven years working in San Juan del Sur and supporting many social programs for the children and single women.

Rigo Vargas

Rigoberto Vargas

Nicaraguan citizen, was born in 1985, Industrial engineer and consultant. Post graduate and several courses and training in leadership, supervision, specialist in logistic and optimization strategies. Current operation manager at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua, normaly handleling  between  30 and 50 workers at the same time. With more than ten years’ experience in international industrial development, with the private sector, this includes companies such as: ALIMENTOS S.A., INGENIO SAN ANTONIO, REX CIELO, CENTEX

Porfolio/Recent Experiences

  • Home Construction / Urbanizacion Carolina Managua
  • Construction of Gavions wall / San Juan del sur
  • Boutique café construction/ San Juan del sur
  • House remodeling in Miradores de Nacascolo / San Juan del Sur
  • Bedroom addition in Camino del Sol / San Juan del sur
  • Housing construction / San Juan del Sur
  • Housing remodeling / Remanso
  • Container  Style Hotel Construction / Paradise Bay
  • Filtration tank construction / San Juan del sur
  • Evaluation of damages and retaining wall construction / San Juan del Sur
  • Supervision of warehouse construction / San Juan del Sur
  • Home Construction / Montemar Development
  • Hotel Remodeling / San Juan del Sur
  • Retaining wall and  Addition / Remanso
  • Evaluation of damages / Laguna de apoyo
  • Roof replacement / Rancho Santana
  • House Remodeling / Casa del Sol, Marsella. 
  • Building inspection / Remanso
  • Construction of furnitures
  • 3D Design / Bosques del mar
  • Roof replacement / Casa Mango
  • House Remodeling / Red House
  • Hidrosanitary system replacement / Avicola San Pablo, Malpaisillo Leon
  • House Remodeling / Diriomo Masaya
  • House Remodeling / Pacific Marlin San Juan del Sur
  • Home construction / Gran Pacifica Managua

See some samples of maintenance, renovation and construction work


We offer maintenance and repairs services for all kind of industries and bussiness, working with hotels, companies, government institutions and NGOs.


We remodel your property according your future goals and expectations, giving you some fedback of our experience working with real estate and investments.


We work in more than 30 houses, guaranteeing the repairs, small renovations, pool and pumps, electrical systems and other works.


We have been working with our landscaping specialist (Davis Castro), in important companies, such as: Guacalito de la Isla, Pelican Eyes Resort, Rancho Santana.