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Welcome to Constructora Vargas Nicaragua, Specialists in Home Construction, 3D Designs, Blueprints, Budgets, Building Inspections, Supervision and Additions.

Address: Opposite corner to Lago Azul Restaurant, San Juan del Sur Rivas Nicaragua, Cellphone +505 76657407 Email: oberleutnantjim@hotmail.com, gerente.general@consorciovargas.com, RUC Number: J0310000340714


Since the year 2018, we are member of Community for Businesses in Latin America and Caribean financed by Inter-American Development Bank, connect and learn more about us.


Ricardo Vargas (Curriculum Vitae / Updated 2018 ), Nicaraguan citizen, was born in 1982,   civil engineer and consultant. Post graduate and master degree in design and evaluation of construction projects, specialist in housing and building construction. This includes supervising, budgeting, design, inspection, and housing consultation. With more than ten years’ experience with NGOs, Private Sector, Government Institutions, and Cooperation Agencies and a lot of labor experience with the german cooperation and UNICEF social programs, cultural and labor exchange in Berlin, Frankfurt and Leverkusen, now main founder and General Manager at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua and general contractor at Discover Real Estate San Juan del Sur

Natalie Sullivan, Originally from United Stated, Business Administration degree and current general manager at Discover San Juan del Sur Real Estate, also member of the board and partner at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua, more than 25 years of experience in sales, construction decorative materials, property management, housing/business rentals and investments advisor, eleven years working in San Juan del Sur and supporting many social programs for the children and single women.

Rigoberto Vargas, Nicaraguan citizen, was born in 1985,   Industrial engineer and consultant. Post graduate and several courses and training in leadership, supervision, specialist in logistic and optimization strategies. Current operation manager at Constructora Vargas Nicaragua. With more than eight years’ experience in international industrial development, with the private sector, this includes companies such as: ALIMENTOS S.A., INGENIO SAN ANTONIO, REX CIELO, CENTEX.

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Constructora Vargas, people wanting to do changes and good efforts in the construction field, civil engineers, arquitects, consultants and technician in several disciplines, we are expanding our fleet and human resources, we respect the health environment and social responsability, we work in all Nicaragua, mainly in housing construction projects.

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Main Offices, South corner BDF Bank San Juan del Sur Rivas Nicaragua, at the Discover Real Estate Offices, other moving offices around all Nicaragua, Cellphone +505 76657407 Email: oberleutnantjim@hotmail.com, gerente.general@consorciovargas.com